Website for this, Really?

I happened to meet one of my school friends online and exchanged a couple of emails. Part of the conversation was about the school reunion that he was looking after along with another friend. Since he happened to be collecting details (I’m guessing excel, at least) and sending emails via facebook and gmail, seemed like an obvious situation to suggest that he use some website that helps him organize these events since facebook wasn’t really cutting it and his reply was “and a website for all this…hehe…dude”

I am not completely sure if I was the one who was completely out of my mind to suggest a website or see this as a reason to build something new (since facebook is for most, the one site to rule us all), but what surprised me was how disdainfully he dismissed the suggestion considering he would be spending the same if not more time doing the same thing on facebook.

Im sure facebook does this well, but there is more to an event that just sending invites :).

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